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About us

André Ribeiro manages his consulting company.
He has been involved with the financial markets since 1994 and has been active in analyzing markets and private consulting with institutions and individual investors.
Since 2001 he has focused in global macro, in particular USA stock indexes, forex, commodities, with particular attention to Gold and Silver and canadian mining stocks.
He is the founder of www.bonsinvestimentos.com the number 1 independent financial blog and newsletter in Portugal, also published in http://economico.sapo.pt/ the number 1 financial newspaper in Portugal. His articles have been published in the main business magazine in Macau: Macau Business and top financial press in Portugal: Expresso, Diário Económico, Jornal de Negócios, revista EXAME and others.
He is an executive coach facilitating CEOs, family owned business and HNWI. www.extracoaching.com
He was the Director of Communications and Investor Relations in a Nasdaq listed american multinational company and developed a Secondary Public Offering in the Neuer Markt in Germany.





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